Welcome to the Camp Fickes Shooting Range
in Bailey, Colorado

Home of the Buffalo Creek Gun Club

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Range is now closed to the general public without special arrangements.

Special arrangements can be made for access by contacting the Range Manager, Dabney Crump, info@campfickes.com and requesting a specific date, the full names of everyone in your party and a good phone number or Phone: 720-670-7626.
You will then be contacted with access information and payment arrangements.

Please note, special access requires one or more day's notice prior to accessing the range so please call at least one or two days in advance to assure that arrangements are completed in time.

For 2016, the Range will be open to the general public every Saturday and Sunday - 9AM till 4PM from Memorial Day weekend (May 28th, 29th & 30th) through the last weekend in October for a fee.

Also save $15 on 3 yr membership,
$40 on 5 yr membership
and $500 on life membership!

Upcoming Events
( Check the "Schedule of Events" page for additional event information. )
  • May 6th (Fri) - .Short Range closed for maintenence ( Short Range )
  • May 10th (Tue) - .22 Rimfire Benchrest Competition ( Short Range )
  • May 21st (Sat) - Saturday Steel Challenge Competition ( Long Range )
  • May 28th (Sat) - 80 shot XTC Anniversary Match ( Long Range )
  • May 29th (Sun) - 600 yd Midrange Prone with F-Class Match ( Long Range )
  • June 2nd (Thu) - Thursday Steel Challenge Competition ( Long Range )
  • June 4th (Sat) - 80 shot XTC Spring Match ( Long Range )
  • June 5th (Sun) - High Power Clinic ( Long Range )
  • June 11th (Sat) - Concealed Carry ( CCW ) Class ( Short Range )
  • June 14th (Tue) - .22 Rimfire Benchrest Competition ( Short Range )
  • July 15th (Fri) - Basic Handgun Class ( Short Range )

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The Latest Camp Fickes Range Information
Prior to heading to the range, check the range Schedule of Events to make sure the range you would like to use is available!

No tree cutting dead OR alive without prior approval from the BCGC President or Camp Fickes Range Manager!!
The Short Range will be closed at 5:00 pm on March 12th and March 26th for night shooting classes.
BCGC is hosting a Concealed Carry Course on April 23rd, Noon - 5:00pm.
This course satisfies the state requirements to obtain a concealed carry license.
The class is taught by a NRA and federal law enforcement firearms instructor with over 22 years of firearms instructor experience.
Course fee is $125 (with additional $20 day range use charge for non-members).
There is approximately 2.5 hours of classroom and 1.5 hours of shooting. Additional classes will be posted in the future.
Go to April in the Schedule of Events page for additional information or contact Mike Pope at coshootingandtactical@gmail.com
Steel Challenge Competitions will be held the first Thursday and third Saturday of each month.
This event is open to the public. Check the bcgc.com website for more information.
There are Range Rules in effect for Camp Fickes. ( click here )
Please take time to go over them prior to heading to the range.
For those considering a great day of shooting in the beautiful Pike National Forest, a document has been provided for those new to shooting or to the Camp Fickes range to prepare you for the experience.
Click on Range Instructions on the menu above. This will help prepare you for what to expect, what to bring with you and the protocols used while shooting at our range.
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