Buffalo Creek Gun Club
600 Yard Midrange

2021 Midrange Prone Matches 19 June, 18 July, 21 July, and 08 August 2021
Buffalo Creek Gun Club
High Power Rifle Division
Pits Sealed/First Shots Downrange at 0800 (Arrive at least 1 hour early for Squadding/Safety Brief) NRA Approved RANGE LOCATION: Buffalo Creek Gun Club, Bailey, CO Gate Location UTM: 13S 468301 4355395 Lat/Long: 39° 20’ 57.4”N 105° 22’ 4.4” (NAD27) Follow road from gate past pistol range to stat house for squadding. See map below from Bailey off CO285:
FACILITIES: Bring adequate water and food. PortaJohns are available on site. A camping area is available for club members.

RULES: Current NRA High Power Rifle Rules shall apply. ELIGIBILITY: All competitors are welcome. New shooters should contact the match director ahead of time to arrange for appropriate squadding and range familiarization. Contact match director if you need to borrow equipment for the match, and we will do our best to help you out. ADVANCE ENTRIES IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT: Entries on the day of the match WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. ENTRIES: All entries will be made through Member Planet. A link to the Page will be set up on bcgc.us. If you do not have access to a computer you my attend BCGC monthly board meeting and someone will get you signed up through Member Planet. Meeting times and dates can be found on the website. ENTRY LIMIT: There are 15 firing points at Buffalo Creek Gun Club. The entry limit is 45 shooters to allow three relays on 15 shooting positions. FEES: $20 for nonmembers, $15 for BCGC members, $10 for Seniors/Juniors (includes NRA fee) CHALLENGE FEE: $1.00 - The challenge fee must be paid at the time the challenge is requested. TARGETS: MR-1, MR-1 FC TARGET SERVICE: Competitors will pull their own targets, unless they bring a target puller. See the three-relay pit change attached below. EMPTY CHAMBER INDICATOR (ECI): Approved NRA empty chamber indicators are required to be used at all times except during the preparation time and firing of your relay. Those not having an ECI may purchase one at the stat office for $1.00 each. SQUADDING: Competitors will be squadded on the day of the match prior to the first relay. Notify the match director of any preference for competitors to be squadded at adjacent firing points or for those who prefer to pull each other’s targets. Do not expect to arrive at 0800 and be able to shoot! SCORING: Competitors will score. Any competitor failing to perform his scoring duties may be disqualified. The alternate scoring system will be used for safety reasons. CLASSIFICATION: NRA High Power Classification will be used. Rule 19.6 "Assigned Classification" may be used. Those unclassified or without proof of classification, will be required to compete in the Master class. Please indicate classification on the registration & entry form. DIVISION BY RIFLE: The following divisions will be included: Match Rifle, Service Rifle, Match Rifle Optics, F-Class TR, F-Class Open. Refer to current NRA rules (available for free download from the NRA website) for acceptable equipment for each division. Competitors who wish to shoot from a bench will be considered if space is available at the discretion of the match director, and scores will not be submitted for these competitors. AWARDS: Cash awards may be considered depending on the number of shooters on each match day. Buffalo pins awarded based on scores and current classification. CHALLENGE PERIOD: The challenge period ends 1/2 hour after the posting of the match results. COURSE OF FIRE: There will be a 3-minute preparation period prior to each string. See below for pit rotation. Match Rifle and Service Rifle will shoot at 600 yards on the MR-1 Target, F-Class shooters will shoot on the MR-1 Target with F-Class target center. • There will be a 5 minute “blow off” period with unlimited sighting shots at the beginning of each relay to allow for all competitors to get on paper unless all shooters in the relay are confident of their 600yd zeroes • There will be 3 slow fire strings of fire with unlimited sighting shots and 20 shots for record in 22 minutes. • Shooters should bring at least 66 rounds of safe ammunition for the rifle they plan to fire. The competitor may wish to bring additional ammunition for the “blow off” period. EQUIPMENT SUGGESTIONS: See NRA rules for allowed rifles for each division, contact match director with any questions. Any safe ammunition allowed, but no armor piercing, no steel jacketed, no tracers, and no incendiary rounds. No muzzle brakes allowed (very disturbing for other shooters on the line). NRA Rules forbid suppressors, but suppressed shooters may shoot without submission of scores. A spotting scope, shooting mat, military leather or web sling, and shooting coat are recommended. Eye and ear protection, empty chamber indicator, clipboard, and pen are required. The NRA rulebook is available online for free at: http://competitions.nra.org/documents/pdf/compete/RuleBooks/HPR/hpr-book.pdf
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